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There are some arguments against certain measures to light parks. it’s been noted that only lighting pathways could also be dangerous and act as the way for criminals to trace the routes of pedestrians. Poorly designed park lighting might also increase certain forms of vandalism like graffiti.

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However, it may also be argued that well-designed park lighting is much superior to poor park lighting and no park lighting in the slightest degree. There are many theories on why strategic park lighting is both a good crime deterrent and an excellent community-building tool.

For one, evenly spaced, bright lighting in parks allows daytime activities to increase into the evening hours, like sports, walking, and cookouts. More people in an exceedingly public space engaging in recreational activities deters crime by increasing the perception of safety

Lighting up a park properly at night. It creates a safe and enjoyable environment for all.

If a park is Lighted , people will not hesitate to go for a jog. Even if it’s dark outside. Parents will play with their children on the playground and pet owners will walk their dogs on the paths.


Activities extend if there are no dark places or shadows in a park where people can hide then everyone feels safe.

if you want to safe from crimes I suggest you lights your parks

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