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Energy Management Installation South Florida

Energy Management Installation Sout Florida Electrician in West Palm Beach FL American Lighting & Electrical Services LLC, with a number of Energy Management Systems to develop, install and implements maintain  technology that will make a positive difference in your energy management program. American Lighting & Electrical Services LLC  have installed more than 2,000 Energy Management Systems

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Kitchen Lighting USA

Indoor Lighting

Indoor Lighting   The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your house.  Whether you’re grabbing a glass of water, entertaining guests, or cooking a meal for your family, the most commonplace to gather in the kitchen. Just like a healthy balanced breakfast, your kitchen requires the right balance of lighting to get

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American Lighting & Electrical Services Florida

Outdoor Lighting South Florida

WHY LIGHT PARKS There are some arguments against certain measures to light parks. it’s been noted that only lighting pathways could also be dangerous and act as the way for criminals to trace the routes of pedestrians. Poorly designed park lighting might also increase certain forms of vandalism like graffiti. However, it may also be

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LED sign Boynton Beach

Electrical services in South Florida

American Lighting USA We have a team of experienced electricians that can handle any job, anytime, with the most satisfying results.We Specialize in Electrical and Lighting Maintenance and Installation for Commercial Interior and Exterior Lighting, Electrical and Signage.  We also offer Energy Saving LED Lighting and Electrical Upgrades reducing your facilities energy and saving you

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South Florida Electrical Lighting services

Outdoors LED light installation

LED lighting has proven to be a more efficient, durable and affordable option for outdoor activities. This is ideal for parking lots, streets, and courts for all kinds of sports. There is nothing about traditional lighting that comes close to competing with LED. LED lights provide complete upgrade over existing lighting setups for outdoor settings.

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