Rewiring Old House in West Palm Beach, South Florida

Have you been facing problems in operating your electrical appliances lately? Or the electrical outlets and appliances get heated easily? Then there must be something wrong with the wiring of your house. Is your house is old? Then we at American Lighting & Electrical Services would recommend you to consider rewiring of your entire house. We are one of the leading electrical repair and maintenance experts in West Palm Beach, South Florida. Rewiring your old house not only will help you get rid of the problems you have been facing but also make your home more energy efficient, saving your energy and money.

Cost to Rewire Old House in West Palm Beach, South Florida

The cost to rewire your old house can vary depending upon a number of varying factors. We have to look into several aspects of your house before taking a plunge into the rewiring job. When you begin to research the time and labor that will be required for the job along with the cost of materials, then you will realize there is much more to rewiring than you might have expected.

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Cost to Rewire Old House
Factors that affect the cost to rewire an old house include the following:
  • The materials required for replacing the old wiring.
  • The condition and age of the electrical outlets, appliances, switches and lighting fixtures. These things might need to be replaced to be compatible with the new wiring. It may add up to the overall cost to rewire your old house.
  • Accessibility to the old wiring i.e. whether it can be accessed through drywall or a crawlspace.
  • The size of your home.
  • Any electrical upgrade that could need supplementary amps including heavy-duty wires.
  • Any recently added rooms, as these may have different wiring concerns.

Frankly speaking, we cannot provide you a complete estimate of the cost to rewire your old house in West Palm Beach, South Florida without proper inspection of your home. A few factors are there that can add to the overall rewiring costs. if you have a crawl space that is easily accessible by our electricians, then the cost will likely decrease. But if we have to cut extra holes to reach your old wiring then it can cost you extra to get the drywall repaired. Drywall repair costs often add a lot to the estimate. Moreover, you need to consider the cost of permits and ensure that you have the right ones in place before beginning the process. Permit costs vary as per the project.

Rewiring of an entire house is a huge investment. Even after successfully rewiring the house, there will minor electrical works like rewiring an outlet can pop up. Hence, you must hire professional electrical experts who can carry out the comprehensive job for you leaving you with complete peace of mind. In West Palm Beach, South Florida, we at American Lighting & Electrical Services are your best bet in every aspect. Our electricians and technicians are well-trained and possess years of experience to carry out the rewiring or any electrical job efficiently.

So get in touch with us today and get your house rewired professionally!

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American Lighting & Electrical Services provides a comprehensive range of Electrical Services for Industrial Electrical Services, Commercial Electrical Services, and domestic clients.
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CEO of American Lighting & Electrical Services LLC

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It depends on the size of the residence. Typically range from $ 2000.00 to $ 20000.00

It may take a single electrician 3 to 10 days to rewire a home. With a helper, this time can be reduced.

Yes, we have guarantee on our electrical rewire.

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