Rewire an old house in West Palm Beach

One of the nicest upgrades you can conceive of is having your entire old house rewired.  This plan holds if you have a house that is quite old! All risks that can come from faulty & old wiring! Remember that rewiring is a means of putting in extra effort to keep your loved ones safe.

Your electrical wires are more likely to overheat and catch fire as they get older. If your existing home is outdated and unable to accept modern technologies, you might need to have it rewired. Homeowners might be alerted by several warning indicators that their home needs to be rewired:

  • Constantly flickering or dimming lights
  • Frequent burning out in the socket & light bulbs
  • Sparks coming from an outlet when you pull a cord
  • Frequently blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers

The issue might only affect one location, or it might affect the entire system. Thus, the idea of rewiring a house occurs. However, regardless of the age of the house, rewiring is not an easy task. In fact, delaying the essential upgrades to your home’s wiring when necessary can have fatal consequences.

For a variety of reasons, older homes require rewiring. The cost to rewire an old house comes down to the nature of the work you need. Let us find out how much would be the cost to rewire an old house and the process of updating your electrical systems!

The cost to rewire an old house will usually include several expenses taken together. Some of them are as follows-

Size of Home

The size of your old home is one of the major things to consider before starting an electrical wiring project! Because many other elements rely on it. Such as:

  • The duration to complete the task
  • The electrical materials, and equipment needed for the job
  • The number of fixtures that would be installed.

Our skilled team can measure the area and offer you the best-estimated price to rewire the old house.

Cost of a professional electrician

Never try to take on the job of rewiring the old home yourself. It’s unsafe, and you might not be able to install the proper wiring and outlets.  You will have to look for reliable & professional residential electric contractors in West Palm Beach

Hiring our team will cost you less, no matter the size of the house and the number of workers involved in the task.

Scope of the project

The cost to rewire an old house will vary greatly based on your simple upgrading of electrical panels, rewiring part of your home, or rewiring the entire property. You need to replace this equipment if your house is extremely old and has out-of-date electrical service panels. So the cost varies accordingly.

Cost of Permits

You need to buy the electrical permits to carry out the rewiring work at your old house. Depending on your current system and where you live, different permits and inspection standards will apply.

It entails that your wiring is up to modern standards and abides by local codes. It is safe for you and your family for decades to come. You can include this expense in the cost of rewiring the old house.

New fixtures

You require many materials when it comes to the cost of rewiring the old house! The cost will include the price of materials such as Switches, switchboards, plug points, new circuits, outlets, and wires.

The cost to rewire an old house will depend on the quality of materials that you are using.  Ensure you communicate your preferences explicitly to our engineers & technicians. It would make your wiring project a definitive success.

Type of Rooms Being Rewired

The rooms within a home serve different functions. How much work you require will depend on how much each room will cost to rewire. The cost to rewire a room varies! As a result, the wiring needs to match the requirements. Each room has its peculiar fitting. It contributes to the cost of rewiring an old house.


Rewiring an old home is expensive. But the good news is that you usually need to do it once! Please do it with our assistance. Rest assured that you will not have to worry about recurring expenses or ongoing maintenance in the future.

It’s important to call an expert team & use the best materials possible to ensure the safety of your home. It is one project where you should not cut corners. Rewiring your old home literally saves your life.

Counties & Cities we service

  • Miami-Dade County
  • Miami Beach
  • Homestead
  • Coral Springs
  • Sunrise
  • Pompano Beach
  • Broward County
  • Palm Beach County
  • Town of South Palm Beach
  • Martin County
  • Fort Lauderdale
  • Town of Jupiter
  • West Palm Beach
  • Riviera Beach
  • St Lucie County
  • Lake Park
  • North Palm Beach
  • Palm Beach Gardens
  • Royal Palm Beach
  • Lake Worth
  • Deerfield beach
  • ¬†Manalapan
  • Wellington
  • Boca Raton
  • Delray Beach
  • Cape Coral
  • Kissimmee
  • Belle Glade
  • Clewiston
  • Highland Counties
  • Boynton Beach
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