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Energy Saving Solutions

Energy Saving Solutions: From cooling and heating to electronics and electronics appliances, it takes a lot of energy to energize our daily lives. Our homes use 37 percent more energy today than they did in 1980. But without energy efficiency, through the use of new technologies and levels of conservation of government power, this number could be significantly higher. In fact, even though our energy consumption has increased, our individual energy consumption is less than 10 percent, even though our homes are large and contain other devices.

Energy Cost Savings Solutions for Commercial Buildings

Energy use has grown exponentially over the years. Today more than 4.7 million commercial enterprises use more energy than in the automotive or industrial sectors, accounting for about 40 percent of U.S. total energy expenditure. All the energy used by U.S. buildings raised $ 369 billion in 2005.

This increase in energy consumption is due to:

  • Growth (GDP), which drives the need for office space.
  • There is a growing space for commercial offices, which attracts other facilities such as schools and hospitals.
  • Various power consumption devices
  • Various power-utilizing Commercial buildings consist of various sectors such as public buildings, hospitals, schools, supermarkets, retail, restaurants and office space. Among these, office and retail sales remain a large percentage.
  • Various power-utilizing Commercial buildings consist of various sectors such as public buildings, hospitals, schools, supermarkets, retail, restaurants and office space. Among these, office and retail sales remain a large percentage.
  • Increased trade power has grown and understood the use of basic energy will help with cost-effective ways.
Not surprisingly, heating and cooling are the main buyers of energy in a commercial building followed by lighting. Here’s a look at some of the cost savings you can use to achieve your annual energy goals:

 Low-cost techniques:

Monitoring and Control:

It is not enough if you use good construction or improved analysis in your building. Remote monitoring and control can also be used to reduce the number of hours of adjustment and change and reduce your energy costs.Energy Saving Solutions You can have a central monitor where all the views of the various buildings are checked and sent to the field engineer where and if a problem arises. Taking the time to train and integrate these programs into mobile devices for facility managers, operators, and construction engineers will ensure that continuous monitoring is effective. Another option is to enable alerts and notifications on mobile operator devices that can provide either an initial warning or an emergency signal depending on the situation. This can be added to other default controls that can be paused or reduced when a problem arises.

Low-Cost Techniques:

Using low-cost strategies can save huge energy bills. For example,
  • Making regular upgrades to your HVAC system is another inexpensive way to ensure that the biggest potential buyers in your building are working.
  • Regular cleaning of coils and areas such as condenser and evaporator coils can produce energy savings of $ 0.10 per kWh.
  • Turning off office equipment such as computers, printers, monitors,  and copies in “sleep mode” when not in use will reduce energy costs by about 40%.

Smart Building:

The term “Smart” is a term used for buildings with fully operational control systems and systems. These controls include sensors and activators integrated together to form an intelligent data collection system. According to the IDC report, smart buildings have an annual growth rate of 22.6% and have the potential to reach $ 20 billion by 2020. Smart building plans save energy costs because they provide visibility throughout the building even if the facilities are still distributed in a large area such as a university. Electrician in west palm beach ffThe information collected by these programs can be used for analysis, tracking, and communication. In order to make the best use of raw materials in buildings and to avoid wasting energy and saving energy costs, it is important to collect extensive data and use it for the operation of various systems. For example, you can use data to see how your HVAC works and control temperature set points depending on the weather outside. You can also use the central command center to forward any commands to change settings, adjust values ​​, and save power.

Energy-Efficient Lighting:

Lighting forms a large proportion of energy consumption after heating and cooling. Therefore, focusing on efforts to use energy-efficient light can help reduce energy costs. Other options are to use seat sensors to use lights only when sitting. Fluorescent lamps are the most widely used type of lighting: 93% of commercial buildings use standard fluorescent lamps, and standard fluorescents illuminate 78% of floor areas.Energy Saving Solutions west palm beach One of the most effective methods is to use a low-energy lamp such as fluorescent, incandescent, halogen, LED, or HID. The type of light you choose will depend on the specific lighting requirements. Compact fluorescent (CFL) has become the second most common type of lighting, providing light to 13% of all illuminated space in commercial buildings. The remaining light types – incandescent, high-rise, halogen, and diode-emitting diode (LED) – reach less than 10 percent of the ground floor light in all commercial buildings.

IoT Systems:

Thing Internet or IoT is the latest technological innovation widely used to manage energy efficiency. IoT is often used to collect information such as movement, air pressure, light, and temperature or water flow. IoT uses the Internet to connect data collected from various devices such as sensors and activators embedded within systems.Iot System energy saving When integrated with the system management system (BMS), it enables independent monitoring, control and provides advanced analytics where data can be used for modeling. This allows you to save on higher costs, increase productivity and financial benefits, especially details.


In conclusion, saving energy costs is on the minds of all property owners who sell, operator or facility manager. There are many solutions available that can help you with energy savings. This ranges from the introduction of high-tech technologies such as IoT to low energy efficiency techniques such as using natural light and ultimately using limited energy Star equipment for long-term energy conservation. Either way, making sure you use at least one or two of them regularly will ensure that your energy costs are greatly reduced and your energy savings increase. We Are Best Electrical Contractors in West Palm Beach Electrical services in South Florida 3
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