Generator Repair Services

With the chilly winter coming in, howling wind and ice storms are apparent. Stay snuggled up within your home to be safe, warm and comfortable. What if there is a power cut? You must have a generator! But wait…  Is your generator in working condition? Such situations are quite common for the residents of West Palm Beach. The residents are familiar with the icy spine chilling winter when the generator do not get turned on and everything gets colder within the house.

So you need to stay prepared for the situation and maintain your generator in good condition.  Even when your generator is working you need to check if it requires any sort of repair or not. Therefore, you need to get in touch with generator repair services in West Palm Beach like us, American Lighting &  Electrical Services LLC. We offer professional generator repair services that include faulty wiring repair, refill and repair in case of leaking coolants, repairing faulty fuel gauges and a lot more. Moreover, our experts are qualified to repair generators of all models and brands such as Briggs & Stratton, Cummins, Honeywell, Kohler and many more.

Generator Repair Services How to know if your generator needs repair or not?

It is true that addressing the generator repair needs should be done as soon as possible once you identify them. But the question that most of our customers ask us is how to know if the generator needs repair! So we have brought you a few signs that determine that your generator might be in need of repairs! Check these out below:

#1: The electrical components of your generator are damaged or not working

Take a look at the wires, buttons and other electrical components of your generator and check if there is any sign of damage like loose connectors, frayed wires or anything unusual. Also do not forget to test the battery voltage of your generator, and make sure to check for any overloads that may shut your system down when you need it the most. If you notice any signs of damage, issues with battery or system, then without any delay give a call to our expert electricians.

#2: You notice leak

If you could not find any sort of damage in the electrical components then the next issue that you need to check out is a leak. Consider the age of your system here. The older it gets, it becomes more likely to have a leaking hose, storage pan or line. Check if there is oil leakage, coolant leakage or in case you have a gas-powered generator, then check for fuel leakage. If you notice any leakage around or under the generator then you need to schedule generator repair services as soon as possible.

Generator Repair Services #3: Starting the generator is a struggle for you

If your generator has not been used for a long, the chances are there that the battery could have been drained or the parts might have been damaged which may further trigger problems with its ability to run continuously or to switch on at all.

Now that you have got familiar with the various signs that the generator needs repair, if you notice any of these, then get in touch with us immediately.

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