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Outdoor lighting is one of the most essential assets for many commercial businesses as it not only accentuates the property but also encourages more customer traffic with better visibility. Apart from that the light poles also play a vital role when it comes to the safety of the employees and customers equally. However, outdoor lighting needs proper installation and maintenance services. There are several issues that occur during installation or throughout the life of a light pole that may hamper effectiveness and security of the entire outdoor lighting system.

We at American Lighting & Electrical Services, LLC have brought you some of the common pole lighting issues that you may encounter.

Mismatched Bolt Patterns or Wrong Base Plate

If you are considering to replace the older light poles, then you need to understand that you cannot assume that a new similar sized light pole will match the existing base plate and the bolt pattern of the anchor! While older outdoor light poles feature larger bolt circle measurements than that you will find on newer poles. Even if you buy newer poles from different manufacturers, you will notice slight differences in the bolt circle dimensions. This issue can be fixed by using the right anchor bolt template or rectify a mistake using a light pole adapter that accurately positions and fixes the anchor bolts in case of a mismatch.

Worn Down Light Pole Base

Due to pedestrian and vehicular traffic abuse, the bases of the light poles often get abused with dents, rust, scratches, dullness, discoloration and likewise. Your customers visiting your commercial place will see the lower to middle portion of your light poles. If you notice that the base of your light pole is looking dull or scratched up, we suggest you to use decorative light pole base covers or a powder coated base cover as these will help you in offering the strongest base that will last longer.

Rusted Light Pole Base

Over time the protective finish of a light pole begins to deteriorate and rainwater begins the surface metal rust process. The light poles with  ground level rust breaks away, falls and may cause extensive damage to the property as well as personal injury. By using a decorative cover you can conceal the corroded and damaged light pole base. The best way to avoid damages to the light poles due to vehicles, people and rust, you should consider fiber glass pr aluminum light pole replacements.

Low Light

When your light pole provides light that isn’t enough to cover your entire property, then there are chances of theft, vandalism and other criminal activities. Considering only the quantity and quality of the outdoor lighting isn’t enough, you need to take the dark spots where light distribution is minimal into consideration. You need to properly illuminate to the general parking, front and back entryways, landscaping, narrow alleys or wide paths to avoid any sort of mischief within or surrounding your property. What we would suggest here is to use LED lightings that offer good lighting to the outdoors making it fully illuminated and hence safe.

Besides these there are several other issues with pole lighting. To resolve such issues it is always recommended to get in touch with experts. If you need help with light pole repair in West Palm Beach for your commercial property, consider us, American Lighting & Electrical Services. We have been serving the industry for years now, which is why, we can help you out with pole lighting issues of any kind.

So we are looking forward to help you out! Take advantage of our professional light pole repair in West Palm Beach and make your commercial property safe against thefts and other criminal activities.

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