American Lighting & Electrical Services, a beacon of excellence in the realm of electrical solutions, proudly serves the vibrant community of Palm Beach. With a commitment to quality craftsmanship and unwavering customer satisfaction, we stand tall as the premier choice for all your lighting and electrical needs. From residential properties to commercial establishments, American Lighting […]

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Wear and tear are universal problems that impact your home the same way it does everything else. You take good care of your house, use all appliances with respect, and follow all the rules. Still, your home electrical system needs updates. Unfortunately, most homeowners ignore the idea of an electrical panel upgrade. They feel it


What is an Electrical Panel Upgrade? An electrical panel upgrade is a system that replaces your existing electrical panel with a more efficient one. These systems are often referred to as “smart” or “advanced” panels, and they contain several advanced features that make them more energy efficient than older models. Electrical panel upgrades have many

Electrical Panel Upgrades

There’s a lot involved in the cost to wire an old house. One of the first considerations is where you want all the power for your utilities set to go in. Choosing the right spot for placement is essential if it hangs out of reach from all the new wires. And if you’re looking at

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