Wear and tear are universal problems that impact your home the same way it does everything else. You take good care of your house, use all appliances with respect, and follow all the rules. Still, your home electrical system needs updates. Unfortunately, most homeowners ignore the idea of an electrical panel upgrade. They feel it is expensive, worse & unnecessary. But the fact is that the investment is well worth it if you consider the risks posed by the outdated electrical panel.

An electrical panel will function properly somewhere between 25-30 years. You still need to check it from time to time. People are using more electricity now than ever before! The older panel might not be equipped to handle present energy consumption. Hence there is a necessity for electrical panel upgrades! Do you wonder why an electric panel upgrade is so expensive? Let’s find out some of its significant reasons.

The cost of the panel

The estimated electrical panel upgrades could be around $2,000 – $4,500. It includes both materials and labor. The price may vary due to factors like the professional electrician and unforeseen issues that might appear along the way. It is also based on the amperage and work complexity in the process. It also varies from the main panel to a sub panel. The expense of upgrading an electrical panel is mainly due to the cost of the panel itself. Its cost increases as the amperage increases.

The work quality

An electrical panel upgrade is not a simple task! However, it is the backbone of your whole house’s electrical system. It is not an area you want to skimp on. It’s essential to find a licensed electrical contractor that has experience in electrical panel upgrades and installation. Otherwise, it can affect the electrical system and pose a danger to your household.

The materials needed

It’s essential to give stress to the material quality when you need an electrical panel upgrade. New wiring may also be required while upgrading the panel, which normally drives up costs. Are other issues like outdated fixtures, wiring, worn-out receptacles, or damaged circuits that need fixing? It will lead to buying additional materials. So the price goes up.

Three Reasons why it is wise to invest in electrical panel upgrades

A panel upgrade can be a costly affair. But it’s definitely worth it. Panel upgrades are not only beneficial to home safety, but they can actually increase the resale value of your property. Let’s discover a few important reasons why the investment is worth it.

It keeps your home safe

Unfortunately, electrical fires happen every year, resulting in far too many tragedies & casualties per year. Outdated electrical panels are the leading cause of electrical fires. Upgrading the panel is an investment worth making because it will keep your family safe and protect you from fire due to a faulty electric system.

It increases your home’s value

To secure an electric system to increase your home’s value on the real estate market. So investing in an electrical panel within 20-30 years is an ideal decision. Upgrading the electrical panel with a high amperage will certainly enhance the value of your property.

It protects your electrical system

Even if your panel isn’t faulty, it can still cause damage to your electronics or newer appliances. Some panels can’t handle the new power needs and can’t keep up with the energy consumption. It constantly trips and puts your electrical devices or appliances at risk. Investing in electrical panel upgrades ensures you can use as many devices as you need!

Do you decide on an electrical upgrade? We are well-trained and certified electricians. We have all the experience and training needed to complete your electrical panel upgrade project with ease. We handle everything from start to finish, with minimal fuss or disturbance. Please get in touch with us right away at 561-689-4854!

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