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When it comes to seeking expert electrical services for residential and commercial properties in West Palm Beach for repairs or installation of new electrical system, you need to make sure to choose a reliable local electrical contractor. The work ethics of an electrician determines the quality of work they offer and how safe your home or office is. As far as a reliable and professional electrical contractor in West Palm Beach is concerned, we at American Lighting & Electrical Services, take pride in offering the most reliable electrical services in the city. We follow the local and universal safety regulations to ensure your complete safety while delivering services of the highest standards.

Electrical Contractor West Palm Beach

Electrical needs such as replacing a light fixture or installing a fan can be a simple fix for homeowners. But we being an experienced electrician in West Palm Beach suggest our customers to avoid do-it-yourself electrical fixes as it might backfire on you especially when you have zero knowledge about it. Instead, you must contact your local electricians for safe and professional help.

We have brought you four common electrical issues that you may face and their solution. Here, we would also suggest you to turn the circuit or breaker off while dealing with wiring or any other electrical system.

  • Lights and Outlets Go Out of the Blue

Sudden loss of power or darkness is often termed as tripping a circuit or blowing a fuse. Fixing this problem is not that difficult, you will have to find your utility panel and the corresponding switch to reset the breakers. If the problem still persists then get in touch with a local electrician. Another thing that you need to know here is if the outlets in bathroom, kitchen or the exterior goes off, then the issue might be something different from the usual electrical problems. And trying to fix it on your own might shock you. In such situations, it is always best to contact a professional local electrician for the help.

  • Outlets Warm Up Often

Are the electrical outlets at your home get warmed up often? Is the heat unusual? Think of the laptop chargers that heat up a bit due to the voltage conversion by the transformers in the chargers from AC to DC power. If you are noticing that the outlets are heating up then the problem might be due to loosened wires, or an overloaded circuit or the outlet might be broken. Once your outlet is cool enough, unplug the unnecessary devices or turn the entire circuit off. After which contact your local electrician for inspection and replacement of damaged wiring or outlets.

  • Flickering Lights

Flickering occurs when a light fixture has a bulb screwed in that is a higher wattage than it should be, it can be extremely dangerous. The intense heat of the bulb can burn or melt the socket and insulation of the fixture wiring increasing the risk of arcing i.e. sparks around your wires, which is the most common cause of electrical fires. Damage can remain in a socket even after switching the bulb to the correct wattage. We always recommend to use bulbs within the suggested wattage range for your lights. In case the wattage is not listed, we suggest you to use a bulb with 60 Watt power or less.

  • Higher Electrical Bills

The primary reason behind higher electrical bills is the old wiring. Usually, the wiring in older homes were not set up to handle modern technology. Many of the devices and appliances you are using in your home might not be compatible with the wiring installed. Because of this you may notice higher utility bills as your home tries to overcompensate. For keeping your electrical consumption down, unplug devices that you are not using. Also, avoid overwhelming your outlet with multiple power strips.

Electrician in West Palm Beach

If you are facing any other issues besides these four, then you can contact us today. Our expert electrician in West Palm Beach can help you resolve electrical issues of any sort. For more information, visit our website now.

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