Light poles are an inevitable part of any commercial as well as residential property when it comes to safety and security. Be it parking lots, shopping centers, or industrial facilities, pole lighting ensures the best protection of your property. Over time due to the effects of winds, vibration and corrosion, these pole lighting systems need frequent inspections, and maintenance to ensure that it is safe and sound structurally.

Importance of Light Pole for Businesses

Light poles are important as they make it easier to navigate dark roads, parking lots, and walkways which further helps in avoiding injuries and accidents. When you have pole lighting installed around your business it helps in discouraging thefts, vandalisms while offering additional safety and security which businesses require to attract customers after dark. If given choice to customers for choosing between a well-lit business and an insufficiently lit business with flickering bulbs, the winner will be the brightly lit business as it offers them a feeling of safety and also shows that the owners have pride in their business.

Proper Light Pole Repair and Maintenance

Over many years due to various environmental factors such as winds, vibration, corrosion and metal fatigue, it can affect the functionality and structural integrity of the light pole. Because of this the chances of the light pole getting toppled increase. Moreover, the constant flexing may also cause damage to wires resulting in electrical hazards along with the failure of bulbs, photo sensors or timers. For avoiding such damages, injuries, and operational failures, proper light pole repair and maintenance are critical. The light pole repair and maintenance process includes:

Inspection of Light Pole Base

The base of the light pole is the most crucial part. Winds and vibrations may lead to the failure of the welds between the base plate and the pole. Hence, it is necessary to inspect the welds for any cracks, flaking, or any other damage and get them repaired as necessary.

Corrosion Damage Check

We at American Lighting & Electrical Services, LLC recommend checking the entire pole for rust and corrosion, which are responsible for the deterioration of the metal making them prone to breaks and cracks. In case corrosion is detected, hammer and punch can be used to find out to what extent the corrosion has spread, which further determines, any denting, or deformation signifying serious damage. We also make use of more advanced equipment like an ultrasonic device for carrying out a more thorough inspection of the corrosion damage. We always recommend repairing the corrosion by removing the affected regions and welding in new panels. However, if the corrosion level is extreme it is better to replace the entire light pole.

Inspection of fasteners, arms and fixtures

Over time-nuts, bolts and screws tend to become loose, which may affect the functionality of the light pole. Therefore, it is essential for you to check each fastener for tightness. Also, the nut covers must be replaced for preventing tampering. Similarly, checking the arms, brackets, light fixtures and other attachments for looseness, metal fatigue and missing fasteners. Repairing any of these problems promptly is highly recommended.

Besides these, we also offer light pole repair services such as repairing the electrical system, replacement of bulbs, testing control systems and much more. Our expert electrical contractors carry decades of experience in repairing pole lighting systems for commercial and residential properties in and around West Palm Beach.

If you too need any assistance regarding light pole repair and maintenance near West Palm Beach, then get in touch with us today!

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