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Have you been noticing any fault or unusual thing with your electrical system for quite some time? Not sure what the issue is? Then it is high time for you to take help from a licensed electrician in Lake Park like us. We at American Lighting & Electrical Services LLC offer comprehensive home electrical inspections to keep your electrical system working in the best condition. We are considered as a trustworthy electrical contractor in Lake Park and its surroundings due to our exclusive services, experience and use of high-end equipment.

As a leading electrical contractor in Lake Park, we have brought you a few things about electrical inspections that you must be aware of to ensure a well-functioning electrical system. Take a look at these things below:

Did you know home inspections and home electrical inspections are two different things?

Usually people get confused in between home inspections and home electrical inspections. While home inspections cover all aspects of the home, electrical inspections focus primarily on the electrical system safety.

Home electrical inspections are carried out by professional and licensed electricians for ensuring that the electrical system of the home is up to the standard and safe to use. On the other hand, the general home inspection can be carried out by any individual who is certified in general inspections.

Being licensed electrician in Lake Park we offer precise and professional residential electrical safety inspection services to make sure your home is free from any electrical hazard in future.

Home electrical inspections are highly essential

Often people overlook the importance of home electrical inspections until it is too late which may result in house fire or electric shock. Home electrical inspection by a licensed electrician in Lake Park is a preventive way that ensures that your electrical system meets your household’s demand for power safely and securely. While there are several regulations, we highly recommend our customers to get a regular home electrical inspection from our certified electrical contractor in Lake Park today.

Electrical Contractor in Lake Park

We will take care of your entire home’s electrical wiring system as we understand that bad wiring is one of the major causes that result in house fires. Besides the age of the electrical system, the most common cause for bad wiring include overloaded electrical systems, poorly done electrical repairs, power surges, wrongly done new wiring installations and DIY electrical projects.

The Right Time to Get Home Electrical Inspections

If you ask us how often you should get your home electrical inspections done, we being a licensed electrician in Lake Park would suggest you get the inspections done every 5 to 6 years or likewise. In case you are leasing out the home, getting an electrical inspection every five years is highly recommended as you won’t have any idea about what your tenants might have done with the lighting or other electrical components.

If you’re leasing out the home, it’s best to get an electrical inspection every five years. You never know what tenants may have done with the lighting or other components.

Other times when you need to get home electrical inspections done include when you are buying or selling a home, notice any unusual electrical issue and when adding electrical outlets, lighting or any new heavy appliance.

So if you want to keep your home’s electrical system up to date and in a good condition for long, then make sure to get your home’s electrical system inspected regularly. Get in touch with our licensed electrician in Lake Park today and keep your home’s electrical system well functioning.

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